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Your employees are your best asset. When an emergency strikes, locating them and getting them back to their regular duties as quickly as possible is essential for maintaining production levels and minimising downtime. Two-way radios are a great way of keeping you connected to your business, whether it’s running smoothly or you need all hands on deck quickly.

Communication for your team during every situation

Businesses depend on communication devices to keep in touch during travel or locate a team member when proximity is difficult or impossible. Motorola’s experience and expertise in manufacturing two-way radios extend across decades and covers thousands of applications: firefighting, construction, hospitality, event staffing/logistics, utilities, transit, and so much more.

As businesses become more remote, there is a greater need for reliable business-critical communication systems to run that business. As the network and digital age grow, companies are beginning to realise that having the best possible data, videoconference and communication systems available at all times is essential!

Managing your business requires you to delegate work to your team. However, it’s essential to ensure that in an emergency, they can communicate with each other. In the past, this has meant buying bulky radios and placing them around the workplace, but now with SMS communications and products like two-way radio systems, you can manage your communication needs more cost-effectively.

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What features should you look for in a quality radio system?

Motorola digital radios provide a convenient and cost-effective way for employees to stay in touch and get the job done faster. They’re built to perform in harsh, changing conditions, as well as indoors and out. And you don’t have to string miles of wired cable or set up expensive base stations.

Let us start with compactness. Nobody wants to be carrying something heavy around all day. If you need a radio that your staff can carry all day, a Motorola radio could be the ultimate solution for you. A radio you can hold in your hand or attached to your belt without it leaving you in a compromising position! Another critical feature in any two-way radio is volume control. This will allow the recipient of your transmission to hear you clearly without them having to strain themselves on their end to listen to what you’re saying.

Motorola radios are rugged, reliable and affordable. You can rely on them to keep your business moving forward. Perfect for outdoor events such as festivals, the Motorola DP4600e is engineered to take challenging jobs and fight back the elements with an IP68 rating — meaning they’re waterproof, dust-proof and able to withstand drops from over three feet high. 

No matter the business, Motorola provides two-way communication solutions that fit your business, and its specific needs. Companies of all sizes rely on radio technology to perform tasks ranging from dispatching employees during emergencies like storms or severe winter weather to providing workers with essential information while they’re in transit. Motorola’s handheld two-way radios feature the performance and efficiency businesses deserve – and the 24/7 technical expertise standing by through our industry-leading wireless network, nationwide dealer network and the Motorola Solutions Network Partner Program.

Do you need a Radio Communication system?

While radio manufacturing is quite complex, selecting a suitable unit for your needs is pretty straightforward. The best place to start would be the necessities that you may have for your business. You need to check out all of the features and uses that come with your purchase of two-way radios before making a final decision.

Two-way radios are an excellent asset for your team. They help keep your teams connected. The Motorola digital radios have been sold for over 30 years and can do everything from simple voice-only models to data radios; these two-way radios provide an advanced mix of features to keep your workforce connected and well informed.

There are many critical benefits for digital radio products, but if you have to ask yourself whether or not you need them, you may not have a vital communication situation at your facility. Digital radio products provide an additional means of voice communication when your primary means of communication is down – this could be due to a systems failure or a lack of audio signal (particularly in tin roof buildings). If you are on an open floor plan or if people have to travel between different parts of the facility where they cannot hear the P.A. system, reliable voice communication is imperative.

Energy Comms keep you in communication with your entire team.

Whether you’re looking for a way to stay in touch with your team members or colleagues or are building an entire company culture, we are delighted to help. Team communication is critical for a business to function effectively, allowing for fluid movement of information in all directions. For companies that rely on employees and workers working in several areas, a reliable and efficient communication system is vital. At Energy Communications, we are experts in remote team communications and keeping you in touch with your teams. We can help make sure your company is more connected than ever before.

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